Trendy Sunglasses For Every Face Shape

I’m sure most girls out there understand when I say finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can be tricky. Every style of sunnies suits a different face shape, and of course, you want one that flatters you nicely. Sunglasses are something I always keep in my bag (check out my ‘What’s In My Bag Video’ here to see what else is in there!), especially living in LA, because 1) it’s (almost) always sunny, and 2) it’s a great disguise when you can’t be bothered to put on makeup.

But first things first, it’s important to really understand what size and style frames to go for, and that starts by knowing your face shape. This may be something you’ve never spent much time observing about yourself before, so take a moment in the mirror to notice the shape your cheekbones and chin make. Do you have prominent, angular cheekbones? A square chin? Or does your jawline make more of a round shape? Whether you have a rectangular, round, heart shaped, or oval face – there are particular sunglass styles that will look perfect on you. Sometimes this can be hard to decide, as sunglasses trends are also constantly changing every season, and it’s also fun to go out of your comfort zone and own a pair that’s a bit trendy. Fear not! I’ve gathered some of my favorite pairs of sunglasses for every face shape. Scroll down to see my picks!

Shop By Face Shape:


If you have a round face, always opt for more angular-shaped sunglasses like square frames or wayfarers. These add the perfect definition and can naturally contour your cheekbones!


The opposite of round face, people with rectangular faces have to balance it out with – yep, you guessed it – sunglasses with round frames! This can also include cat eye sunnies, which tend to look great on this shape. And be sure to choose them in proportion, so the bigger your face, the bigger the frames.


People with heart-shaped faces can rock a good classic, that is the aviators. It’s best to mimic your face shape, which is exactly what aviators does.


Now, people with oval faces are lucky because honestly, anything goes! Of course, this goes with some trial and error here and there with testing out what styles are best for you.

Comment below which ones you would wear!


4 responses to “Trendy Sunglasses For Every Face Shape”

  1. Jess says:

    Be right back, addling all these to cart….

    Thanks for posting!

    xo Jess

  2. Shloka says:

    So true – it is so important to know your face shape and then you can get the perfect pair! Great selection!


  3. Hannah says:

    Love that you’ve broken it down by face shape! So clever 😉😎

  4. Sumbul Amir says:

    Nice shades. (:
    I have a oval face, I would like to try Hexagonal flat lens from revolve.

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