What You Really Need On Your Baby Registry

With baby Hunkin’s due date coming in just a few weeks, we’re in full prep mode – finishing her nursery, baby-proofing the house, and stocking up on supplies. As you guys may know, I just had my baby shower here. I asked my guests to donate to the wonderful charity Baby2Baby, and so many of them did not only that but also bought items from of our registry as well – which was very generous! Putting together our registry was fun, but as many new mums can probably relate – a little overwhelming.

As first time parents, it was hard for us to decipher what’s truly needed when baby arrives. While we certainly put several fun and cute items on our registry, after talking to many of our parent friends we made sure to include practical items on there as well. Did you know that nearly half of mums wish they’d put more useful, day-to-day items on their registry – and 9 out of 10 mums regret not putting more diapers on their list?

We were told by our friends that you have no idea how many diapers you actually go through on a daily basis, and that there’s no such thing as having too many on hand. Especially when I read that a newborn uses around 10 diapers a day. A day!? Ok that’s a lot more than I thought! For that reason, we’re super excited to work with Pampers on stocking her nursery with much-needed nappies, and to bring you some advice on what you really need to register for. Check out my checklist below – do you guys agree? What items did you find most useful as new parents? Tell me in the comments!

Top 5 Baby Registry Must-Haves

Practical Items
Things like diapers and baby wipes are necessary! Pampers Swaddlers are another top choice of ours. It’s important to get a range of sizes – so you’re prepared when baby switches (as they so quickly do). Other important and practical items: a breast pump, bottle sterilizers and brushes, nipple cream, swaddles, bathtub supports, baby towels and more diapers. Many new mums feel awkward registering for these types of gifts, but they’ll be used the most, so why not?

You’ll need tons of basic onesies and socks (I chose organic fabrics, and mostly white, so they can be thrown in the wash together), an outfit for baby to come home in, beanies and socks(because they get cold) and mittens (because they can scratch their faces with their nails). A helpful tip I received was to register for 6-12 month size clothing as well, as people tend to gift you mostly newborn size clothing, which will only last them a few weeks! Plus some babies are born already fitting a 3 month size. I’ve heard it’s a lifesaver to have bigger clothes on hand as they grow. Of course, you’ll want to register for some clothes that aren’t as practical, but just plain cute. This should still be fun, after all!

Kill two birds with one stone by registering for toys that will be both practical and fun for baby. Many baby toys (like this cute giraffe and lamb) double as teethers, which I’ve heard will be gold-dust once that time comes. You’ll also want to register for fun items that they’ll use when they’re slightly older, like walkers and toys that sing/light up etc. You may think having these initially after the birth seems unnecessary, but they grow so fast and will be playing with them before you know it!

Travel Items
Portable changing mats, diaper bags/backpacks, carriers, travel bassinets, first aid kits, etc. With as much as Mackenzie and I travel, I know we’re going to get tons of use out of these. If you plan to travel at all with baby in the first year (even if it’s a roadtrip or visit to a friend’s house overnight), we’ve been advised it’s really helpful to have these items on hand, rather than relying on using friend’s versions or whatever’s available at the hotel.

Big Ticket Items
Like strollers and car seats – probably things that only your parents will want to buy you! Make sure these are received a month before baby’s due date, so you can work out how to use them (some are more complicated than others) and get them fitted into the car if need be. Hospitals do not let you leave without having a proper car seat in place, but legally they’re not allowed to help you fit it. I caught Mackenzie watching Youtube tutorials on the best strollers and bouncers out there, which pretty much made me cry – because I hadn’t asked him to do this – in my hormonal state, but it was very useful when it came to deciding what to buy and how to work it. The reviews out there are honest and practical. You’ll be lugging these items up and down steps or slopes every day with or without a baby in them, so weight should be a factor too. I’m clearly going to need a caffeine IV drip, so an attachable coffee holder is on the list for me, and let’s not pretend – the version with the chic brown leather handle with the cross-stitching and cute wheels, is slightly more tempting too… lol.

Louise Roe Baby Registry With Pampers Diapers
Louise Roe Baby Registry With Pampers Diapers
Louise Roe Baby Registry With Pampers Diapers
Louise Roe Baby Registry With Pampers Diapers

Thank you to Pampers for sponsoring this post.


4 responses to “What You Really Need On Your Baby Registry”

  1. Anna says:

    Very useful thanks!!

  2. Andrea Moore says:

    Do you have recommendations for baby bags? Thank you and Happy New Year!
    Andrea (due in July)

  3. Lara Jones says:

    love your denim shirtdress! where is it from? newly pregnant girl over here….

  4. Lucy says:

    Amazing registry, thanks for the great tips (would have never thought to include portable changing mats)! Toys are such a must-have and Sophie the Giraffe is always on the top of every celeb baby registry–looks like I’ll have to buy one for me and all my expecting girl friends!

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