How To Wear Non-Maternity Maternity Style

Over the last few weeks, shopping has been a dilemma. I want things I can wear now and through the end of my pregnancy, but also as investment pieces that will last me (and fit me!) after the baby. The biggest and most uncomfortable part of your pregnancy lasts just a few months, so it seems counterintuitive to buy a whole new wardrobe for such a short amount of time (though I’m sure it doesn’t feel quick once you’re in it – stay tuned!). I’ve found a few maternity pieces that I love (blog post coming on this soon!), but for the most part I’m finding it tricky to find trend-driven, comfortable things that fit my style. And while there are some maternity items that are essentials you’d be hard pressed to cheat your way around for 9 months with items you already own – I’m talking about jeans, button down shirts, and pretty much anything that buttons or zips up without much stretch. But – once you start looking, you realize that there is a surprising amount to be found in non-maternity clothing that works well for pregnant women without having to compromise your own style.

I’ve found 2 great websites called Tilden (where I got this dress and cardigan) and Nine In The Mirror – both of which have a curated selection of non-maternity brands and pieces that can be worn both during your pregnancy and afterwards. It’s a brilliant idea, and seems so much more practical to me than spending a fortune on clothes you’ll only wear for 3 months. Below are some of my favorite pieces that work for you whether you’re pregnant or not!

Bodycon Dresses
It seems like an oxymoron, but the more pregnant you are, the more flattering fitted items become. Oversized, flowy things make you feel like a tent, and can make you look much bigger than you actually are. I’m obsessed with this fitted midi dress – it’s so comfy over my belly, but I’ll also be able to wear it post-pregnancy, too. Double win! I also love how versatile these dresses are – I’ve worn this one with a dressy coat and flats, but it could just as easily be worn with a denim jacket and sneakers for a more casual feel.

Empire Waist Dresses & Tops
I just wore this maxi dress on the blog, and it’s not at all a maternity dress. It’s smocked at the top and has an empire waist, so it flows perfectly over the bump without being too billowy. There are tons of tops in this style as well, that would be great for wearing over maternity jeans or leggings.

Cool Outer Layers
Since I’ve been wearing a lot of fitted dresses, I’ve noticed that the best way to top off the look is with a cool outer layer, like a distressed denim jacket, oversized cardigan, or cool wrap coat like the one I’m wearing here. Plus, it makes you feel a little less exposed when you’re wearing such a fitted dress underneath.

What do you guys think? Did you buy many maternity clothes when you were pregnant? Tell me below!

Shop The Look

Louise Roe non maternity maternity style outfit with midi dress and cardigan
Louise Roe non maternity maternity style outfit with midi dress and cardigan
Louise Roe non maternity maternity style outfit with midi dress and cardigan
Louise Roe non maternity maternity style outfit with midi dress and cardigan
Louise Roe non maternity maternity style outfit with midi dress and cardigan
Louise Roe non maternity maternity style outfit with midi dress and cardigan
Louise Roe non maternity maternity style outfit with midi dress and cardigan
Louise Roe non maternity maternity style outfit with midi dress and cardigan

What I’m Wearing: Dress (similar here) and Cardigan (similar here) from Tilden, Flats by By Far (similar here), Sunglasses by Celine


Louise Loves

7 responses to “How To Wear Non-Maternity Maternity Style”

  1. Cheryl says:

    I was pregnant in the 90s 4 times. I don’t remember much about 90s style except the elastic band patterned silky pants and pant suits ( which have come back a little) and leggings with big bulky sweaters. Those items were great for maternity and post pregnancy. I borrowed many maternity clothes. There were friends who offered giving them to me or lending them which saved a lot of money. I did buy a couple pair of pregnancy jeans and a beautiful burgundy velvety long dress from motherhood that I wore to a wedding and a formal work party. I felt that was a good investment and then ended up blessing it to someone later. Paying it forward like.

  2. Ashley says:

    Beautiful, Louise! XX

  3. Jenny Farrington says:

    I bought lots of maternity clothes when I was pregnant first time around. I got carried away and became far too excited to wear clothes that had the label ‘maternity’ in them. Turns out it was handy for pregnancies two and three except baby number one was in summer and two and three were in winter (typical!) so I had to become more savvy with layering. Leggings and tights became my go to with bodycons (from summer) and long tees (also from summer) So I never bought a maternity outfit again…except one grey bodycon that I bought while NOT pregnant that I still wear now … it has ‘maternity’ in the label ha!! Since I was the first of my friends to get pregnant my maternity wardrobe has now aided all my preggo friends too!! Bonus.

  4. Marta B. says:

    I bought ONE item only, black skinny jeans from
    HM on sale for £4, with ‘under belly’ I wore silk dresses with touching round the front (Topshop Boutique), sportswear (as in worn with heels)- I basically went through my whole wardrobe and put aside anything I could wear . I found all maternity wear terribly frumpy and unflattering. Toward the end I wore my husbands white shirt with sleeves rolled up. My advise is do not buy maternity clothes, apart from said jeans. You will be packing all your expensive purchases in a biz and sending it up the attic before you know it, wishing you just kept the money to buy yourself something nice afterwards . I assure you, you have the clothes to wear then already . Borrow from your husbands!

  5. Amy says:

    You look lovely! It’s funny-with my first I was young and refused to buy any maternity clothes. It was part pride part wanting to remain fashionable. I realized in my later pregnancies that going on asos and buying cheap maternity clothes is SO MUCH BETTER. Non maternity clothes are generally meant to flatter the body meaning fitted waists etc and generally don’t look as nice as just biting the bullet and going for the maternity stuff that’s comfortable and flattering. My friends and I just trade out maternity clothes around for whoever needs them! You can still mix and match cute jackets shoes and accessories with maternity basics. Well worth it to buy the pregnancy clothes in my opinion!

  6. Christina says:

    I wore mostly non-maternity clothes (at least shirts and dresses – pants are more difficult the bigger your belly gets) through most of my pregnancy, but towards the end it becomes a lot more difficult to do this. I am 36 weeks now and am basically at the point where I couldn’t even begin to wear a pair of non maternity pants, and any non maternity shirts just do not look right because they have all become too short and hit at non-flattering places! So at this point my daily uniform is maternity black leggings, boots or booties, fitted maternity t-shirts or long sleeved t-shirts, and some sort of interesting (non maternity) piece over like a flowy sweater, kimono, jacket, or vest. Oh and accessories – lots and lots of accessories because those are one thing you can still wear and feel like yourself in! I have gotten lots of advice from friends that you will want to wear some of your comfy maternity stuff after the baby comes too, so I guess I am thinking of the investment in some of these pieces as something that will help me be comfortable over the next few months as well as right now. <3

  7. Beatrice says:

    I’m in love with your style and how you’ve managed to put all these outfits together during these months were your body is in continous change. I completely agree, it’s difficult to find stylish pieces to wear while you’re pregnant and you do think twice on splurging on a bunch of clothes you’ll only wear for a little while. Have you tried wearing pregnancy shapewear under your clothes? CYSM’s got amazing products perfect to help you style your clothes better, plus giving additional benefits.
    The fabric’s of great quality, they’re light and keep you fresh. Total life savers, definitely worth checking them out.

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