Summer Travel Essentials: Haircare Edition

Like many people in the summertime, my hair can tend to be a frizzy mess. The heat and humidity are definitely not the best recipe for a good hair day, especially when I’m on holiday somewhere tropical or traveling for work, and I don’t have all my normal styling equipment with me to help manage the mane. But today, I’m sharing my secrets with you guys on how I beat the heat and keep my hair in check during all those Summer travels, plus my top haircare travel essentials.

First up in the arsenal is the EverPure Volume line by L’Oreal (you guys may have seen me talk about them via Instagram a few times, they’re my new haircare obsession!). I use the full size shampoo and conditioner at home and I just love the way it smooths down frizz while still maintaining volume and body, so it’s not too heavy. Most of us are a bit oilier than normal during Summer anyways, so you don’t need products weighing you down even more! I have to take this regimen with me, so to make it travel friendly I have mini travel bottles for all my products. Traveler tip: to avoid an explosion in your bag, place some plastic wrap over the opening of the bottle before screwing on the top!

To cart along my most important products, I always travel with cosmetics case that has several compartments to keep makeup, skincare, and haircare separate. This makes getting ready when I’m on the road much more seamless, as everything is organized and ready to grab. I prefer a structured case like this monogrammed leather one, so it doesn’t get squashed in your suitcase and protects your precious cargo. Plus, if there are any accidents, the product will all be confined within the case and not all over your clothes.

Another hair travel must-have is a mini brush that is wet hair friendly – if you brush your hair wet with a normal brush, you’re just asking for a frizzy, bad hair day! Plus, it’s so bad for your hair and actually can break off your ends. Make sure to travel with your own brush and hair products, as the ones that the hotel may provide are not guaranteed to be good quality. While I always use the hotel’s blow drier, I insist on bringing everything else, and it makes a big difference to my hair.

Bon voyage!

Louise Roe Summer Haircare Travel Essentials
Louise Roe Summer Haircare Travel Essentials
Louise Roe Summer Haircare Travel Essentials
Louise Roe Summer Haircare Travel Essentials
Louise Roe Summer Haircare Travel Essentials
Louise Roe Summer Haircare Travel Essentials
Louise Roe Summer Haircare Travel Essentials
Louise Roe Summer Haircare Travel Essentials
Louise Roe Summer Haircare Travel Essentials

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